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Rubyvale Cut and Slice

Fable Refractometer, in-build monochromatic light

Fable Refractometer, in-build monochromatic light

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  • Fable - high quality easy to use Refractometer 
  • High hardness CZ  test prism
  • Scale range: 1.35 -1.85
  • Error : ±0.003
  • Frosted aluminium alloy table
  • advanced optical system - shadow edge is straight, sharp and easy to read

  • Polarizer

  • Can be used with batteries or with the included DC3V direct current supply (AC100—240V)



The Refractometer is probably the most useful tool available to gemologists. It measures a gemstones ability to bend light or refract light. This measurement is known as the refractive index and it is specific for every gemstone variety. Doubly refractive stones will show both a high and a low refractive index (RI) while singly refractive stones will display only one RI. Refractive index tables are published in most gemology books and gemologists can look them up and compare results to identify gemstones.

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